Adding blogs again

Spring Bean Things -- I found this new-to-homeschooling mom's site after she posted on Wardrobe Refashion about making kilts.

Sew Retro -- I haven't sewn anything from a pattern since a friend tried to help me make a dress back in high school, but I enjoy seeing what others are making from vintage patterns.

Maize's Diary -- Really cute softies (aka stuffed animals), cool photographs, awesome thrifting finds plus links to her other creative sites

Glitter and Grunge -- Links to loads of folk and primitive artists

Prairie Mouse -- It's now spring to her because she is in New Zealand. She makes and sells adorable softies.

cally creates -- She's from near Edinburgh. Her photography reminds me of our trip to Scotland. We seem to have a similar eye, and affinity for blue doors.

Sweet Nellie -- Definitely sweet crocheted little critters with names like Maxfield and Parrish.

Theodesign -- I wish my illustrations were as nice as what she calls her doodles.

Old Red Barn Co. -- Superb photography, especially of her kids. The quilts in her header photograph pulled me right in.

M a d e l i n e T o s h -- Lovely knitting and colorful yarns.

ReLove Projects -- Reading here has inspired me to reuse and relove whenever possible in my crafting projects instead of buying new.

Daisy Cottage -- It isn't just about her cute little yellow cottage. It is about a whole lifestyle. The site also plays beautiful music when you have it up. "Stranger on the Shore" is playing right now as I type.

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daisy cottage said...

Hi Julie! I enjoyed my visit to your wonderful blog - YOU are an awesome photographer!