Latest thrifts and using up what I've got

In an attempt to use up what I've got, I've tried not to go to thrift stores or garages sales lately. And when I go, I am being very selective in what I buy. I found some cool stuff and I think I spent about $5 on all of this.

These 3 rusty birdhouse tealight holders are probably new but work with other rusty things in my living room. Not sure yet what I'll put inside them. The fabric is a heavyweight, nubby cotton and the book will help me do more than just make drawstring skirts.

Found these things all together and didn't realize there was a color theme when I first picked them up -- fall-inspired apron, drawstring bag and wooden thread spools.

I now have 4 different sizes of red gingham. The floral on the left looks a lot like fabrics I got earlier in the summer and the print on the right you have seen before -- in a pincushion.

And here is the "junk" uncovered in my basement and garage. Maybe now that it is out, I'll put it to good use.

Here is the "junk" still stored next to our garage -- fence pieces, windows and shutters among them.

Look who peeked out when I went to take pictures.


SusieJ said...

That's cute. I love how your eye picked up on that color theme - without even planning.

southerngirlmusings said...

Oh you lucky gal!!! I am loving the "junk" and oh the thrift finds, the apron is gorgeous. Woohoo is all I have to say....have fun letting your creativity run wild.