Sewing by the book

Along with the many sewing patterns
my mannequin Mary came with illustrated guides
that must have been invaluable to her seamstress owner.
I mostly enjoy the graphics and history
contained inside each book.

Never judge a book (or booklet) by its cover.
If I had, I would've missed out on the gorgeous illustrations
inside two "McCall's Pattern Fashions Bonus Books."
The covers are actually missing, but each page is chock full
of illustrations and sewing tips for girls' and women's pattern.

This one is dated Fall-winter 1960 and includes
lots of back-to-school fashions.

The second one isn't dated but includes
wedding dresses, so maybe spring/summer of same time period?

I knew from the cover of this one it was a keeper.
"Tailoring" from The Spool Cotton Company, 1945,
gives tips on making suits and coats expanding upon
the limited directions that come with purchased patterns.

How patriotic is this cover?
"Make and Mend for Victory" also from The Spool Cotton Co.
From 1942, during the war years, women made do
with what they already had or made their own.

This booklet offers tips on alterations, accessories,
mending, darning and even making over men's garments.

The only hardcover book that came with this lot
from an obviously hardcore seamstress is
"Regal's American Garment Cutter," 1947.
This is Volume II and includes more obscure items, like
coats for clergymen, military, boys and women.

And yet another book from The Spool Cotton Co, 1945,
with photo illustrations, pattern sketches and instructions
for making eight different handbags.

Some of my favorite little books are the red spiral bound
Singer Sewing Library how-to booklets, including
two that came with this lot, "How to Make Belts and Hems"
and "How to Make Buttonholes and Pockets," both 1960.

All of these items, and many more, will soon be listed in
my Etsy Supplies and How-to Books section.


Small Burst said...

This may be late, but welcome to SITS!

Small Burst said...

Oooh. I love the classic styles in the sewing book. You can sew any one of these and they'd be gorgeous today. The little girl outfits are cute too. I wish I knew how to sew.