Not what the buyer expected

For those of you who know me in person
or are fans of RedHenStudios on Facebook
you may already know part of this story.
For the rest of you, be prepared for a good laugh.

Since all of this happened on St. Patrick's Day,
I'm thinking we should blame the leprechauns.

I received an Etsy conversation from a buyer
saying instead of receiving the item she bought,
she got a box full of canned and dry goods.

I was totally perplexed but for a moment thought
there was a mixup here since the foods sounded
a bit like some of the foods dh would buy.

Once the buyer sent me the above photo
I realized that is not at all what happened.
It looks like someone's care package got swapped
with the contents of the box I sent.

But who did it and why? Someone stole it?
The food is probably actually worth more.
 Machine malfunction at the post office and
things were put back in the wrong boxes?
No one noticed the weight discrepancy.

In doing a bit of research, while this is odd
it isn't totally out of the ordinary.
Really weird things can happen after mail is sent.

Both the buyer and I have filed complaints with
the postal inspector's office but don't expect much,
especially since she didn't opt to pay for insurance.

Since my receipt wasn't in the box with the food,
I'm hoping that if someone does receive this item,
they will pass it on to its rightful owner.

Anyone else have strange post office stories?
I need a good laugh!


-Amber Jordan said...

Oh no! That is crazy!

DreamBubbles said...

So far I think that one takes the cake, although I did share the link to this post with a friend who's been having a rough time of the USPS lately too.