Works in Progress (WIPs)

First off, Happy Flag Day!

On to my To-do list. (These are newer sewing projects I want to start, I'm not even counting the unfinished projects that have been sitting round for months, or years.)

Pillowcase dresses:
• ochre crochet case with orange and green upholstery trims
• ochre crochet case with ochre and brown upholstery trims
• blue daisy case with blue trims
• yellow rose case with green trims
• turquoise and pink case with red trims

• black and white floral with mini check
• green and blue "Persian" floral with olive green
• brown silky stripes with ?
• Red and tan

Alice-the-dog t-shirts

My mom's sewing -- pillows and hem a robe

Cut down two floral dresses into skirts and tops

Pirate stripe bag for beach

Porch chair covers

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