More on the printer drawer

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon watching tv and sorting the beads my sister gave me. Had enough room for the biggest ones but kept the smallest beads and the string in their original cute metal box. While making a few necklaces, I realized the lip at the bottom of the tray is perfect for laying out the beads in order. (That one says "AEIOU" because there are mostly vowels left of the letter beads, lol.)

This is the first necklace I finished. Most of the beads I got are plastic but the colorful ones here are wood. I figure I'll keep making necklaces as I have time and sell them for a few bucks at craft shows. I'm always looking for little inexpensive things to sell since they do so well.

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Britt-Arnhild said...

I love the colours displayed in the books of beads. reminds me of a window I've seen in Venice.