Last day of school!!!

Last hour actually. To get state aid, they have the kids come in for an hour only. Never seems to make sense to me. The youngest two and I walked to get the second from his last day of 3rd grade, as my oldest was going off with a friend for the day. Brought a friend home with us. (For a laugh, read about their conversation over here).

They picked up another friends on the walk and they all played in the dirt that is supposed to be my garden. Built a bridge with a piece of patio slate, a memorial from a gardening tool and a drive-in movie theater (for Matchboxes, I'd assume).

There isn't much growing in my garden at this point, mostly grass. In the bottom left corner are a few tomato and bean plants. I cleaned out the bottom right corner today and planted lettuce seeds. In the middle, I plan to put marigolds and sunflowers. The kids can keep the back third for themselves. Prevents them from digging up the lawn.

I rarely get much yard work done unless my husband is home to corral this little guy. Today, I plopped him on his bike and he didn't move (other than scootch it backwards) until I pointed the camera at him. Then he tried to get off but by then I was done with my gardening anyway.

The boys eventually pulled the "our backyard is boring" card and wanted to go inside. I compromised and let them watch a video and have popcorn on the back porch. They actually watched only long enough to eat and went back to playing in the yard.

All in all a good start to summer.

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