More pillowcase dresses

I've been getting requests about how to make the pillowcase dresses.
The tutorial I used was really easy to follow.

In less than 24 hours, I've made 5 different dresses.

First these supplies, pillowcases from my mom and trims from my stash, turned into these:

They remind me of little Greek goddess robes. I should've ironed them before taking pics.

I have boatloads of the orange, ochre, brown and green heavy upholstery trim (used as a band at the bottom and as the binding at the arm cutouts.). I bought it, along with other trims and bolts of fabrics, when a local interior designer closed shop.

This yellow pleated trim (and the green from the other dress) were bought separately but were destined to be used together on this project, I think. They go perfectly with the colors in the upholstery trims. I have to see the dress on someone and decide if I like the way I did it though.

They work with the bag I made last spring, from the orange/green trim, vintage floral napkins, vintage yellow napkins (lining) and an embroidered doily.

A cute yellow rose number with green ric-rac.

Turquoise and pink floral with red binding on the arm holes, red scallops at the bottom and red polka-dotted ties at the shoulders.

Feminine daisies with vintage yellow grosgrain ribbon at the armholes and under the pale blue ric-rac at the bottom.


joyce said...

these just continue to be completely and totally stunning!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love these...how totally cute and creative!

Nina said...

Hello Julie
Thanks for the lovely comment.
And thanks for giving me a new blog to visit! I LOVE your pillowcase dresses. They are adorable. I just may have to look into getting one for my daughter.