Three makes a collection, right?

I added the beauty on the right
to the two I already had,
so I now officially have a collection
of vintage wool men's robes.

I love to wear them on cold winter nights
and Sunday mornings when I'm tempted
to stay in my jammies all day.

The official Lindsay tartan one is from Pendleton.
I bought it because Lindsay was the tartan
of my son's last bagpipe band.
I even brought it to Scotland last year
when they competed at the World's.

There is no tag in this one
so I think it was homemade,
with gorgeous French seams no less.

And here is my newest addition.
Tag says it is a Luxurobe, a tailored lounging robe.
A sewn-in label says it was owned by George B. Wingate.

George must have been an elbow-leaner.
There are cool suede patches on each sleeve.

Now all I need is a log cabin in the woods
with a roaring fire and a rustic peg rack
to hang them from when not being worn.

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niftyknits said...

all you need now is a rustic vintage man ;-)