All wrapped up

CraftyChick101 on Etsy has inspired me. She makes and sells bangle bracelets and earrings wrapped with embroidery floss. When I first saw them, I finally knew what I could do with some of the tapestry wool yarn I've amassed. (Since it's cut into approximately 12" lengths, I can't crochet with it, but it was perfect for this.)

My "jewelry stand" was made by my grandfather -- from directions he ordered from the classified section of the newspaper. It now sits on my dresser.

I bought inexpensive metal bangles to use as the bases. The ones on top were a bit thicker and the ones on the bottom were very thin and delicate. I'd like to try this technique on some big chunky bracelets next.

I designed them as sets -- 3 blues; white/gray/black and 4 each of green, warm tones and browns. I put a dab of Fabri-Tac on the metal bracelet to hold the end in place, then started wrapping round and round with 3 or 4 lengths of yarn for each. It reminded me a bit of making pom-poms as a kid.

I'm thinking of taking it one step further by felting them, but that will have to wait. These ones have all been claimed by my boys and their friends.

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