Home in Vermont

I'm soooo jealous. This is the view out of the basement window of the house my sister-in-law and her family recently moved into in Vermont. There are more upstairs windows with even better views of that landscape.

We went to visit them this past weekend and I didn't want to leave. Not only is this yard huge and idyllic, the house is ginormous! Maybe they won't notice if I move into the basement....

Two sets of cousins got to play in the yard as the weather turned out to be much nicer than predicted. Alice loved the smells of the other critters that share the area. They had a den of fox kits on the property earlier on the fall.

This was all we really saw.

We get to go back for Christmas. The holidays in Vermont. Nothing better, except maybe a visit in the fall.

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TaRosa Jacobs said...

Such exquisite scenery!