Little does he know, but my husband has a new job --
selecting yarn-color combinations.

He bought me these four for Christmas --
celery, evergreen, cranberry and mixed berries.

I've always wanted to make a ripple blanket, and
after three false starts, I'm well on my way.

It is so easy to do, increasing by threes at the peak,
and decreasing by threes at the valleys.
It is also addicting, as is evident
by how far I've gotten in a few short days.

I had planned on keeping the finished afghan
in our living room, but while working on it in bed,
I realized it will work well with our comforters too.


glam.spoon said...

you're reminding me that I keep trying to start an afghan project. all you need to do is start, because it is sort of addicting. nice job!

Sheree said...

Ooooh..I love this. Great color combination. I really need to learn to crochet. I took a tunisian crochet class which was fun...but I would love to do a ripple blanket some day. I am putting this on my to learn list!

Christy said...

The colors are beautiful together!

sewtakeahike said...

wow Julie! Just look at your beautiful crochet!!! I love the colors and pattern you have chosen!

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

very pretty! Your hubby may be talented color-picker-outer, but you've got the real talent. :)