Some sewing and lots of crocheting

My father-in-law has move back home after a hospital stay and the boys and I wanted to make something for him to have on his bed. I think the color combo is bright and cheery.

This was very easy to make. I bought two remnant pieces of fleece. The blue one was big enough for the body of the blanket. With the red I just cut 4 long strips from it to make the border.

Good practice with the zigzag stitch, which apparently I need to practice more with. Hopefully people won't be too inclined to look very closely. (Reminder to self, actually pay attention to the tension. It might help.)

I want to use the same idea to use fabric to trim my collection of old wool blankets -- like this one was done.

I finished up another custom earflap hat for my son's friend. The recipient has a bigger head than my model here so it doesn't look like a bucket on him, lol.


The Feathered Nest said...

You are so good Julie!!! Your hat is just adorable ~ thank you so much for sending me the links...I've crocheted but very basic, double crochet scarf stuff...I printed out your beanie instructions too!! Hope you and your family are staying cozy and warm, xxoo, Dawn (ps check out my blog for some beautiful crochet patterns I found on Etsy)

Columbia Lily said...

nice. Those birds are cute.

Rebecca said...

What did we do before fleece?

Christy said...

Oh - I adore that blue blanket!