Clearing even more out

I brought a big plastic bin back from storage last week and it was like having Christmas a month early. Even though I only packed it up six months ago, I forgot most of what was in it.

It was all fun to look at and photograph as it will be going up on Etsy soon too. Now if I could only find the one box I was specifically looking for.....

Here's a preview:



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Others who have done so already are:

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Natalie said...

Julie. You are the thrift shop master! Such a treasure trove. I feel frustrated, because I have missed so many of your posts. I picked up the habit of checking favorite blogs through Google Reader... I have tried to add your blog, but it does not work, and then I forget which blogs are not appearing in the Reader and I lose track. I look forward to catching up on your posts.
In the meantime... Happy Thanksgiving.