Here are the goodies!!!!

Come on people! Who wants to win these goodies? I know y'all were just waiting for me to post pictures before committing to linking to me on my blog, right?

Actually (my 2yo's favorite word, BTW), it is probably since I have been so remiss in reading and commenting on other blogs lately. I checked some out this weekend and realized it has been months since I peeked in. Shame on me! I promise to make more time for y'all in the future. I forgot how much I missed seeing what everyone else is doing.

To get your name in the drawing, just mention this blog and it's links to my Etsy store on your blog. Make sure you come back here and leave a comment to let me know you've mentioned me. Thanks a lot!

Two ladies who have left links to my blog and Etsy store are Trisha and Columbia Lily. Thank you ladies.

And now for the official goody unveiling:

A tomato pincushion.
A sewing kit which I think is military given the thread colors.
A woven sewing basket full of buttons, trims,
a fabric tape measure and misc. other little treats.
"Sewing is Fun" a book for girls.
A needlecase with cool vintage graphics.

A chiffon half-apron in white and green.
A baby pillowcase with ruffles.
Two linens with cream-on-white embroidery,
one with daisies and the other daffodils.
A round tablecloth with crocheted trim.

A piece of ecru crochet with arrows.
Hairpin lace (I think) with a leaf motif.
Round doily with bright crewel-work roses.
Three small whisper-thin crocheted doilies.

Big bunch of white pompom fringe.
A crocheted bookmark and a triangle piece.
Set of three pastel-embroidered dresser scarves.
Big stash of small crocheted rounds and squares.

All of these supplies are perfect for reuse in your projects. If you win, what will you do with them?


Columbia Lily said...

drooling.....more drooling.....I am not sure what I would use them for, although I have been wanting to try a onesie with an apron for quite a while now.

The Feathered Nest said...

What?? I'm first? Oh well...does the first comment win, Julie?? You had me at baby pillowcase...I'm posting about it and entering too ~ what a wonderful giveway!!! xxoo, Dawn

G.L.H. said...

Wow! What a great giveaway! I blogged about it here:



Sarah B. B. said...

I, too, have been slacking in the blog-reading department. :) I will definitely post a link to your shop - you have some awesome antique books hiding in there!

Sarah B. B. said...

And, my brother's favorite word when he was about 4 was "actually." He is now 25, and we have a great-uncle who teases him about it mercilessly whenever they see each other. :)

trisha too said...

very fun--i'll post your red hen link in the sidebar, too . . .


tina said...

whatever would make you give away those lovely vintage tidbits! i'll bite. :) click over to http://glamspoon.typepad.com/glamspoon

Antoinette said...

I would use those vintage doilies and crochet pieces as embellishment in some fun winter garments! Thanks for so generously offering these beautiful items.

Blogged here: http://www.clevergirl.org/2008/11/catching-up-during-busy-november-week.html

Heather said...

Hi! I hope I'm not too late! :-) I posted your information on my blog tonight. You have some great stuff! Thanks!!!