A shop of my own

My dream is to someday have my own local shop.
I'd sell antiques and collectibles
and items I created from old stuff.

I think I found the perfect little building one
on the historic register. Isn't it cute?

It was built by a local doctor back in 1870
and has just over 600 square feet of living space.

I'm pretty sure it is empty and is right off
an up-and-coming corridor of museums.

Can you see as much potential in it as I do?


Christy said...

That's a little secret dream of mine, too. And I think that would be a perfect spot! I can absolutely see its adorable potential :)

Rebecca said...

Go for it, Julie!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I think it's meant to be yours!

trisha too said...

that's a fantastic building!