I'm giving it all away!!!!

Not really, but I got your attention, didn't I?

In an unabashed attempt to sell more stuff and get more traffic here on my blog, I'm having a giveaway!!!!!!

If you mention this blog and it's links to my Etsy store on your blog, your name will be entered into the drawing. Just make sure you come back here and leave a comment to let me know you've mentioned me.

Since I spent so much time this week "working" on the computer, I'm spending the day out and about with my boys.

I have lots of vintage fabric, trims and bits and bobbles
set aside for the giveaway but pictures will have to wait.

Thank you to all who choose to participate. I really appreciate that the crafty blogging community is such a supportive one. Enjoy your day!!!!


Columbia Lily said...

Hello! I recently found your blog, although I don't remember how...possibly through Darling Petunia? Anyhoo...I linked to you and your shop on my blog. I am also in low numbers on my blog. I hope that I have a lot of lurkers, but..... =) Hope you had a great day with the boys!

trisha too said...

i posted a link to your blog and store, and then almost forgot to comment!


trisha too said...

Okay, thought i posted a comment yesterday, but maybe i forgot--
you are posted and linked!

Just say Julie said...

I found you by way of Columbia Lily. Always looking for fun crafty stuff for my stash!