Vintage sheet stash

It dawned on me awhile back that I have access to a lot of vintage sheets. My mother-in-law has them at her two seasonal houses. She has given me permission to use what I want ("especially the twin-sized ones"). My plan is to replace them with thrifted plain sheets when I can.

I had my dh bring some home to me and he picked out the selection above. I really love the daisy print on the right and have pale blue trims to use with it.

My plan is to make dresses or skirts for all my nieces. (I'll think of something later for my nephews -- maybe from the camps' towels?) While I like dh's selections, I thought this mod '70s floral fabric was a better for two nieces who are visiting from their current home in India.

The larger flowers were originally the hem of the sheet. I added green or ocher ric-rac to the bottom of each dress. For the shoulder ties, I used lace ribbon. I have a big bolt of it with no ideas on how to use it. It works perfectly here.


Missy said...

Hi there...Missy here from Wardrobe Refashion...love your littles dresses. They are very sweet. I am also in the process of making things from vintage sheets.

I just love your photos of the parade! I'm assuming you are Scottish because your son was excited to see the Scottish flag. We are too, I was wondering if you make or buy your kilts? My son has one but my husband doesn't. I was hoping you might know of a good tutorial link if you make them.


Julie said...

I can't figure out how to email you a response to your question on my blog, so I'm responding to your blog, lol. Does that make sense?

I am partly Scottish, but the main reason my son noticed the Scottish flag is because we are going to Scotland in August. My oldest son is in an under-18 bagpipe band and they are competing in the World Bagpipe Championships. The son who commented about the flag did a school report on Scotland. (We were smart to tie the two together, don't you think?)

I don't know of any tutorials for making kilts. We get them through the band (my dh marches with a different band). In a pinch, I've made little ones from girls' skirts though.

joyce said...

your dresses are Soooo gorgeous! i love reading your blog julie!