Cousins at the lake

Both my husband and I have fond memories of spending summers on Lake George, NY with our extended families. My cousin just emailed me to say the banner photo above reminded her of those days. My family's camp is no longer ours but my husband's family still owns the lakefront land his grandfather bought in the 1930s.

His family now extends up and down the east coast and even into two other countries but when the cousins get together, they act like a year hasn't elapsed since the last time they all saw each other.

Don't these two look like they could be twins?

My youngest, who is usually rather reserved enjoyed being held by everyone who offered.

Big kids took care of the littler ones -- much more fun when they aren't your own siblings it seems.

There was canoing.

And an unsuccessful attempt at getting a raft in the water.

There was swimming on the "big side."

And the "little side."

And even in a big pink bucket.

There was flower seed planting (sorry no pictures) and flower picking.

Lots of work got done too. Like loading up a Dumpster.

Relaying the slate patio.

Building a platform in the woods.

And collecting and chopping firewood for making s'mores.

There was even a bit of music. (Not everyone enjoyed it -- notice the little guy behind the swing with his hands over his ears.)

Even the rainy Fourth of July didn't temper the fun. There was UNO.

And a connect-the-dots game.

There were dress-up dolls that appealed to both...

...the girls and the boys, no matter their ages.

And there were loads of puzzles to play with.

I hope our kids have as fond memories as we do. With all of these photos, they should.


joyce said...

it looks like so much fun julie! i want your family to adopt me, lol.

how come there aren't any pictures of you?

Rebecca Leonard said...

As a lifelong Adirondacker I can't tell you how much I appreciate your photos! Our family had a camp on Lincoln Pond for years but had to sell it. We now have a camp on Lake Champlain and there's just nothing like it! We break out the UNO cards, chess, Scrabble and just enjoy the smell of camp and the lake. Thanks for sharing!