Two-for-one projects

I've now turned two out-of-style and no-longer-fitting dresses into two skirts and two tops (almost, as I have one top to finish).

This Old Navy dress never fit me well, but it was cheap. I bought it at a thrift store while on vacation in Florida.

I love the shape of the skirt. I added a simple drawstring at the waist and wear it mainly as a bathing suit cover-up.

The top came nowhere near zipping up when I tried it on recently, so I took in the straps and sides and gave it to my niece. I couldn't figure out how to finish off the bottom, since the gauziness of the fabric made it hard to hem neatly. Some thrifted blanket binding worked perfectly.

In person, the top seemed to fit my niece perfectly. It doesn't look as good in this picture. I think the banding under the breasts needs to come up a bit. Or she needs to grow into it.

This used to be my favorite dress. Two pregnancies later, I can't wear it though.

Now, I have another casual skirt! Longer than the other one and with buttons up the front. I'm thinking of wearing it with more of the bottom unbuttoned.

Close-up of the pattern. My 8yo took the pictures and had an issue with focusing, lol.

Now, on to finishing the top. I'm planning on taking off part of the sleeves and maybe the collar and adding some vintage trim where the buttons and button holes now are.

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