Art from my walls

I haven't had much time to be creative lately so I thought I'd share what other people have done. And I've collected over the years.

My parents just sold their house and are clearing things out. I laid claim to these awhile ago, just because the dog in one looks a lot like our Alice.

My husband went to college in Washington, DC and we used to visit nearly every year. One of my first matting and framing projects was these miniature postcards. I have two more frames with them too.

I rarely pay much for vintage images, or even the frames I use. I made an exception when I spotted this one in an antique store a few Christmases ago. I bought it as a gift for my newspaperman husband.

This is one wall of my dining room. I used Photoshop to copy and print these photos in sepia. Some are family photos. Others are local scenes that have been passed down to me. All of the babies on the right are cute photos I've bought over the years. Instant family, lol.

I whitewash old frames and rubbed on a bit of gold paint. For the mat, I covered foam core with a white-on-cream cotton fabric. Then I placed the photo copies right on top of the fabric. This is my late great-aunt's class from her one-room-schoolhouse days.

The little window panes (above) were clearance Christmas ornaments Their gold and white finish fit my theme. I added the gold paper behind the panes, before hanging them with ribbon.

This is a hand-tinted photograph of my twin sister and me. I matted it and put it in a huge ornate frame. Right now it sits atop our upright piano.

These photos sit together on easels on a hutch at the top of our stairs. Right in front of a huge oak mirror.

This wedding photo was a college graduation gift from my aunt. We were at an antique store in Buffalo, NY and she asked what I wanted. She's the family genealogist so I had to label the back "Not Relatives" to avoid potential future confusion.

This is my mom and her mom. I have so many more family photos boxed up during times or renovation and redecorating but now I'm tempted to pull a lot more out. Or use them in my artwork. I'm getting the collaging bug from seeing so many blogs about it.

The next two are original paintings or hand-tinted photos (I can't tell), signed by the artists. They were rescued a few years ago from a rundown cabin on my MIL's lake property.

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SusieJ said...

These are beautiful. I love the one of your Mom and her mom.