Spring break with the girls

I had a little bit of girl time yesterday. In a house full of boys, my only regular female companion is a dog named Alice. I don't have anyone to do girly things with unless my nieces visit.

It wasn't little girl, princess dress up or pretend tea time like we used to do. It was a nearly grown-up discussion on what is trendy now with the preteen set -- all while they tried on some of my vintage clothes and handmade scarves.

It was really nice to bounce ideas off them, ask what they liked in fabrics and look at finished crafts on etsy together. Too bad I didn't have any projects they could help me with besides sorting trims and folding scarves. I think it is much more fun to work with an auntie than your own mom, even though we are identical twins.

They were especially helpful in coming up with ideas on how to wear the scarves I've made from vintage ties. I started making them for myself when I found two ties in identical paisley patterns but different colors. I knew I needed to do something to put them together. I sew the narrow end of one tie next to the wide end of the other to form a long scarf, line the back and add trim. I've never been one to accessorize much so I wear them in a rather plain way – usually dangling down under my winter coat or pinned in the center to form an "X."

The girls had other ideas. Around the neck with one end slung over a shoulder. In a loose knot with one end up over the other. Even as hairbands with the fringe dangling below their hair. We used an old kilt pin but I think it would work well cinched together with a hair elastic or even a barette.

I want to take them along on my next thrifting trip. And I'll be sure to have some projects they can work on for themselves back here.

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