Hovey Pond, Queensbury, NY

Just about the only spot of bright color in the whole park.
Crocuses (crocii?) in bloom in the Robert Eddy Botanical Garden.

View of the wooden walkway that goes into the swamp.
In a few weeks, the cattails will be so high
you won't be able to see very far.

We paused for a little while to build boats
from cattail reeds, long grass, oak leaves,
flowers and tiny pinecones.

Under the bridge and over rough water to the end,
where they were rescued with a stick --
pretty much intact despite their wild ride.

Pussy willows! We brought some home
along with loads of pine cones and other little
remnants of last year's growing season.

Since we are travelling to Scotland this summer,
we've been reading up. We learned about cairns and
plan to build them whenever we get the chance.

The boys' favorite spot in the whole park --
remains of the waterway at the north end of the pond.

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