Heroes on ice!

While my boys played bagpipes and snare drum
at the local figure skating show, "Salute to Heroes" on Saturday,
I got to take out my favorite instrument -- my camera.

While I'd really like to get a digital SLR at some point
as most of the photos I took were immediately rejected,
I must say I am happy with how many of them turned out.

 One thing is for sure, I am learning a lot
about how to get the most our of this camera.
And the young skaters were soooo adorable!

Hubby, the bagpiper and our 12yo relatively-new piper
played "amazing Grace" with astounding harmonies.

 Later, hubby, and the old-pro snare drummer played
a parade favorite "Marine Corps Hymn."

While shooting at ice level, one of the organizers
got a radio call from the music coordinator.
She didn't have a CD for either of these tunes.
That was kind of the point -- they were playing live, lol.

Check out even more photos of the event on my Flickr page.

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