Fiberglass wasn't just for insulation

As someone on my Facebook fan page said
"I hit the vintage curtain motherlode!!"

After sneaking away to a private school thrift sale,
I became the proud owner of a huge plastic bin
labeled "summer drapes" and filled with 
dozens of 1950s-era pleated fiberglass curtains.

We had a pair in the living room of our first house
but hadn't seen any in years.
I couldn't even recall their true name,
with only "asbestos" drapery coming to mind.
Knew that wasn't quite right, lol.

They were, indeed, made of fiberglass,
both cheap and fire retardant and in pretty colors, 
making them popular mid-century.

In this lot, there were multiple sets of some patterns
and their condition everything from brand-new
to frayed at the edges and threadbare in spots.

One thing I learned while sorting and photographing,
damaged ones shed tiny shards of glass fiber
sometimes causing skin irritation with handling.

For this reason washing is not recommended.
Fine, since these are all very clean
 and will soon be added to my Etsy shop.

Also with all the fiberglass drapes
was the single sheer rose curtain and ...

... this pair of sheet-weight floral curtains.

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