Case of mistaken identity

The first day my blog traffic was at 1,391. The second day it was 2,572. By then, I had noticed the sudden humongous increase via Google Analytics.

Where were all my new viewers coming from? My heart sank when I saw it was Regretsy, a site that describes itself as being "where DIY meets WTF."

It wasn't as bad as I thought. It seems "Helen Killer" confused me for another Julie with a "Red Hen" Etsy name and this blog was linked in the article about her.

A correction  at the bottom of the blog entry cleared things up for me (even though my blog isn't even an "Old Red Hen" one), but if my link was supposedly removed, why was I still getting traffic for days after?

In actuality, my link was still there, the first one in the sentence  that goes "And on and on and on and on" -- even though I didn't feature an item from the other Julie's Etsy site in the post linked, like was stated.

While it was nice to reach a wider audience over the past few days, after reading through the entire Regretsy blog post and subsequent comments, I don't think I even want any of them here.  They are all bullies, plain and simple.

And I certainly don't need their business in my Etsy shop, even though Regretsy makes it seem like anyone featured there should be grateful for the shout out.

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