Woolen mufflers

Dictionary: muf·fler (mŭf'lər)
n. 1. A heavy scarf worn around the neck for warmth.


Despite these being so easy to make,
it took me over a month due to losing them
under the piles on my work table
and then the sewing machine causing me grief. 

I have a big stash off wools,
including these three wool flannels
and the much softer gray woman's suiting fabric.
I used another scarf as the pattern
to cut them out, sewed up the long sides,
turned right-side out and sewed the ends closed.


They have all been claimed by family members.
The last one, which is a bit narrower,
is mine! It will look great with my
 vintage long Pendleton wool coat.

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PaperFlora2 said...

they look great, I a can see why they wouldn't last very long!!