Happy 600th!

In just under 3 years I have posted 600 entries on this blog. Wow! It seems like such a long time in some respects, but a very short time in others. This has been the most creative and productive period of my life.

I have to give credit to my participation in the crafting community on the Internet. Instead of being a distraction (OK sometimes it was), it has been an inspiration. From my start reading what other bloggers were doing to selling and participating on Etsy to my newest adventures on Facebook and Twitter, it has been a great journey.

I am now in the process of updating all the Red Hen Studios graphics, which will be followed by a move to redhenstudios.com. That will mean the end of this blog but it will be replaced with a much more cohesive and interactive site. 

Stay tuned! I'm setting it my start date goal at April 11, 2010, exactly three years after I started this blog. I can't wait to share it with you all. Thanks for making all this time so worthwhile.

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