Evening work

Most nights, after the boys are settled into their beds (all but the oungest who still falls asleep in our bed) you can find me in my own watching tv and either crocheting or really wasting a lot of time playing Solitaire on the laptop.

Organizing the studio yesterday actually motivated me to use my time more wisely and get going on one of those planned, but unfinished projects.
I made refrigerator magnets by sammiching illustration from vintage children's books inside slide mounts and gluing a magnet to the back. Turned out to be a really quick and easy project -- once the youngest settled down and stopped touching everything I was using.

They'll be going up on Etsy when I get the chance but if you see a set you must have, just contact me or leave a comment. A set of four is $5 including shipping costs.

Reminiscent of the altered dominos I made a year ago. Since I have multiple sets of black dominos maybe that can be the project for tonight....

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