Ice on the lake

While driving up to Lake George yesterday to check on my mother-in-law's camp, the boys wanted to drive "over the mountain." Short little winding drive up and over Lockhart Mountain.

The views were stunning, esp since you could see a lot more without the trees aleaf (is that a word?). I've always loved this property but I don't think we would ever be able to afford it.

Guess we'll settle for lakeside property. :::snicker::: Seriously,we are so blessed to have this in the family.

Even off-season, the boys find fun -- trying to break the ice with sticks and rocks and poking around in algal bloom.

A few more months and the ice will be but a memory. It will be replaced with loud splashing kids making a lifetime of memories.


Missy said...

Gorgeous! Love your dream property too. Never hurts to dream a little dream. I've been dreaming over a 150 acre farm/horse parcel since I was 16! couch, ahem...that was 20 yrs ago...eeks ;-) The boys must love, love, love that waterfront family property. It looks enchanting.

Rebecca said...

It's hard to believe that in seven or eight weeks people will be swimming in that. Unimaginable right now!