Uncovered goodies

It is amazing what ones finds when one puts her mind to cleaning her studio....

Besides a bin full of children's books and assorted paper ephemera that had been in storage and is now being readied for Etsy, I found a bag of vintage linens and silverware I bought who knows when.

These are sheer, chiffon-y fabrics probably from the 70s . I'd love to make some tops or skirts from them. Anyone have any really easy patterns to use?

A black geometric cotton, plus 3 "eyelet" fabrics.

Cocktail napkins, a hanky, "bread" liner and two other crocheted pieces.

Cotton floral fabric plus two tea towels with unique trim detail.

When at the thrift store, I have the most fun digging through mismatched flatware looking for the good stuff.

This was the best I've ever found at once.I especially like the baby spoon.

See the knife on the right. It is from American Airlines.

These 3 long spoons match. Are they ice tea spoons?

This pretty pair are a small fork and knife. I was so hoping to find the matching spoon but didn't.

To make room for all the books I now have to upload to Etsy, I've moved quite a bit to the "Now Half Off" section of my store. Go look for some really good deals!


Myra said...

Julie, what size do you wear, maybe I can send you some patterns I will never use. I love the eyelets, those are so cool. Maybe a trade? myrayeretsky@sbcglobal.net or www.adventuresbabysewing.blogspot.com

Christy said...

Nice things to find!

Simplicity 3835 (Built by Wendy/Built by You) is a nice blouse pattern. If those chiffons are really sheer, you could make the 3835 top and wear a camisole under it.

--ginger said...

I know you said you wanted to make a blouse, but I love using this kind of fabric for pajamas. I've used New Look 6160 for this (a basic sleeveless top and drawstring pants) and I LOVE them. I'm a big fan of polyester. Especially the old stuff.