Visiting the alpacas

My sister invited one of the boys and me to visit my nephew's girlfriend's parents' alpaca farm. We got to visit with the mamas and babies.

Instead of a pony (or chickens), I now want an alpaca for Christmas.

I settled on bringing home some yarn from Pedro, Minerva and Latte instead.

And little cria (baby) for my boy.

Many more photos over on Flickr.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love that second picture! They look like they're making kissy-faces. So cute!
Merry Christmas!

tina said...

aw, man, now I want alpacas! they are such stunning creatures... have you ever shorn one? or a sheep? i'd love to see that process.

Christy said...

Alpacas are the coolest animals! If they weren't so expensive, we'd have several of them in our pastures. :)