More of Hope's visit

Before school let out for winter break,
Hope, my youngest and I went to school
for the holiday concert and to visit the first grade classroom.

Mrs. W, the first grade teacher, invited us
to listen to a story at the end of the day.

Hope joined other stuffed friends
in the children's arms.

Before we left, my little man just had to share a drink
from the classic green water fountain
that is just his height. (She's wearing the hat I made her.)

That night, we drove to Albany
for my father-in-law's funeral the next day.
Since the weather forecast was so bad,
we stayed two nights in a hotel. Hope joined the fun!

And the pretend sleeping.

She got to play with a dozen cousins
all crammed into one hotel suite.
I don't know if she'd like a lot siblings
or if she was overwhelmed by it all!

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