The show's over

Had my last craft show of the season yesterday and it was a bust. I didn't even make enough to cover my table fee.

For those keeping track that makes one successful show and two not-so-successful shows.

While it is a nice way to spend the day away from the kids, meeting new people and other vendors, it gets frustrating to put so much time into making things and setting them out only to have to pack almost all of it up at the end of the day.

At least I had another successful Etsy day, so all wasn't lost.


Elizabeth said...

Julie - your crafts and art are wonderful. But that aside you should be proud of yourself for getting a booth, putting yourself together and getting out there to sell. With all that you have to do each day I am amazed and awed with what you can create.

Admiring you from Virginia


Columbia Lily said...

that sucks...but I've kind of been hearing the same thing all over blogworld. **sigh** keep your chin up, things will get better!

Janey said...

I have done several of those kind of craft shows and markets where I have sold only just enough to cover the cost of the stall!! In the case of markets, I probably spent the tiny profit on hot soup and coffee to try and keep warm!! I have given up trying to sell my stuff and just do it for myself and gifts now!

Rebecca said...

Blame the economy. For everything, just blame the economy.