Hats with ribbons

I finally used up the last of the reclaimed sweater wool
I bought on Esty and used here and here.
Grand total of 6 hats and a scarf from two used sweaters.

I now have sweaters to unravel myself to try it out.
Turns out to be a very economical way to get wool yarn.
Environmentally-friendly too.

This is my niece modeling two hats I've since named after her.
They actually fit me but look much cuter on her with her curls.

The ribbon is Lindsay tartan, which is the tartan of my son's band. I got the idea of adding ribbon from Natalie (Happy 4th Birthday, Maria!), and knew that specific ribbon would work wonderfully.

Here's a scarf, with the windowpane effect of treble stitches, that matches both hats. Too bad I didn't have enough ribbon left to add to each end of the scarf....


The Feathered Nest said...

Julie! These are hats are GORGEOUS!! So is your precious niece ~ I've got to get busy crocheting....xxoo, Dawn

G.L.H. said...

I love the hat! Is it your pattern? Can I get it?


Rebecca said...

Love the ribbon hats, they remind of hats from the twenties. Or forties maybe?