A reason to declutter

This furniture has sent me on a cleaning spree
for the last few weeks.

I visited the thrift store on a Saturday.
The set was then marked 25% off.
I went back the following Tuesday
and it was marked 50% off.

Even though I didn't have a place for it
I knew I just had to have it.

Who could pass up vintage toile for $90?
Not me, especially when I saw that the grimy surfaces
were actually custom-made slipcovers.

A quick run through the washer with a bit of bleach
and they now look perfectly shabby chic.
They just needed to come in from the driveway.

That was when my cleaning spree started.
My plan was to remove the dining room table and chairs
and move them in. Which I did.

But what about all the bins of fabric, trims, supplies, etc
that were taking up so much room in my work space?

I've been methodically moving things out.
Donating bags-full back to the thrift store, 
listing things on online crafters and garage sale sites
and getting rid of paperwork we no longer need.
I'm almost done.

Amazingly, I've made back more than enough
to cover the cost of my new seating arrangement.
And I am almost ready to enjoy the room again.

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