The accidental gardener

Based on what is blooming in my yard,
my gardening attempts are either a failure or a success.
It's all in how you see it. 
(Be sure to click the photos to see larger views.)

This is my only wisteria bloom for the year.
It's also only the second one ever from the four plants
we planted at least 10 years ago.
I thought the plant it is on was a clematis...
Yeah, I am quite the gardener.

Here is the lone bearded iris from a clump near my driveway.
Not sure why more don't blossom, but then again
I don't ever do anything to them.

All in one day, it provided a great show.
The first photo was from the morning,
the second much later in the afternoon.

I wonder if there is any hope for me as a gardener.
Too many hobbies, not enough time, I guess.

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