Pixie baby bonnets -- and a new model

Here are my latest crocheting obsession --
sweet little pixie-style bonnets,
most with rosettes and braided ties.

And notice how I have graduated from photographing
my hats on a ball of yarn to a baby doll head.
I found her on eBay and am on the search for more.
Not sure if I will find another one as cute as her.

Newborn size with rosette in pink acrylic.
$20 incl. shipping.

Newborn size with rosette in purple acrylic.
$20 incl. shipping.

 Newborn size with rosette in black-and-white baby alpaca.
$36 incl. shipping.

Newborn size with rosette in handpainted boucle yarn.
$30 incl. shipping.

 SOLD! But I can make these in any infant and toddler size. 
Babyweight acrylic with rosette, lace trim and extra-long braids.
$22 incl. shipping.

"Little Red Riding Hood" in red acrylic. Size 6-12 months.
$18 incl. shipping.

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