Thrift shopping

I went after-Christmas clothes shopping a few weeks ago.
Most people close to me know I really hate retail
and won't be surprised that my spree was at the thrift store.

$77 (which is a lot for me in one outing)

7 pairs of boys' jeans -- Old Navy, Levis and Ralph Lauren
and Lucky Brand (retails for $100)
2 hoodies for the two smaller boys
Columbia ski coat and snowpants for the young teen
3 dress shirts for husband -- Eddie Bauer and Stafford
Eddie Bauer sweater and slacks for me

This West German gray wool pea coat for the older teen.
Thanks to Google Translator I know it's from the 1960s
and was made by Bulag of Auerbach.
"Bund ZB" stands for German Civilian Civil Protection,
whose members worked toward disaster preparedness
like as firefighters, EMTs, etc.

How cool is that?
He has a one-of-a-kind coat with some history.
Glad he likes vintage as much as I do.

1 comment:

G.L.H. said...

It seems our thrift stores pale in comparison. I have gotten good deals like yours in the past, but never so many in one trip! Congrats!

Oh, I remember that one of my kids' friends had a gorgeous blue-gray wool full coat she got at an Army-Navy Store. The person who sold it to her said it was from WWII, and he had never seen one before. Your German coat reminds me of that.