Granny's homespun blanket

Hubby and I had a date night last week -- to the craft store!
Some women might wonder how I convinced him to go.
He was the one who need to go and I tagged along.
He needed some illustration board for a project,
and I got some to help with my company rebranding.
(More on that at a later date.)

While there, of course I had to look at the yarn aisle.
Not that my yarn stash needed any new additions.
Really couldn't resist these bright jewel tones
in Lion Brand Homespun Yarn though.
They were at a great sale price after all.

Having used the turquoise one for a hat in the past,
I was drawn to that colored yarn first.
The others fell into place after pulling out hue after hue
to see what would work best with each other.
Feeling its super-soft texture I knew I would make
a thick and comfy granny square afghan from it all.

Loving it so far!
This pattern works up so easily and quickly
and the bright colors are so yummy.

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