Just call me "Crochet Girl"

Now that I don't constantly have a baby in my arms
I can often be seen working on a crochet project
whenever we are out and waiting somewhere.
In fact, that was exactly why I picked up crocheting.

I get quite a few comments from strangers.
mostly about how hard it looks or asking what I am making.
Often I hear "My mom used to knit."

I was sitting in the pediatrician's office last week
with two of my boys waiting on their yearly checkups.
A medical sales rep came in and chatted with everyone.
He asked me if I was "crochet girl."
Huh? Um sure, I guess so.

When he said he saw my van, I realized what he meant.
He was just a little off, as this is the sticker I have
on one of the van's back windows.

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