Fruits, er scarves, of my labors

Apparently, I was busy this winter.
Only I didn't realize just how busy until
I pulled together all the scarves I'd crocheted.

Most are variations on the double crochet stitch,
used because I could just keep on stitching
without really thinking about what I was doing.
Perfect projects for working up during
cold winter evenings in front of the television.

Soft and slightly fuzzy yarn, possibly lambswool or angora,
make up this scarf of wide stripes in cream, lavender and pink.
It is 4.5" wide and 70" long.

Super-soft acrylic scarf in lilac with a hint of white.
Measures 6" wide and 76" long.

These daisy chains are made of recycled sweater yarn,
in robins-egg blue with red centers.
It is 3.5" wide and 82" long, perfect for 
wrapping round and round multiple times.

First scarf made from hand-painted rayon boucle
bought from the Etsy shop Yarntopia.
This one is in more muted pastel tones and
measures a stretchy 6" wide by 66" long.

This one is made from a brighter pastel yarn
and is 4" wide and an extremely long 120".

All will soon be available for purchase
Look for the photo album!!!

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MCatherine said...

Good work through a long winter.