Vintage touches for a child's bedroom

Too bad I can't keep everything I find.
I just love each and every one of these.

All of these items, soon to be added to Etsy,
would be great additions to any child's bedroom.

First up, this sweet wooden doll cradle
with painted folk art decoration and label stating
"falcon, toys that last, American Mfg. Concern, Falconer, NY."

My aunt said they had one just like it and
my cousin climbed in when she got it for her birthday.
Can't you see it filled with little dollies?

Next, a Replogle 12"-diameter "World Ocean Series"
globe that probably dates to the 1980s
based on the countries that are included.

Beautiful colors on the globe blend nicely
with the light gold color of the hardware
and would look great on an old wooden desk.

This primitive wooden wagon is quite the find.
The construction is nice and sturdy and
the working handle still turns the front wheels.

Adorable painted soldiers, horses and wagons adorn each side.
Fill it with stuffed animals or plants and place on a shelf.
Personally, I would use it as a photo prop.

Lastly, this "Walt Disney Master Mind" game from 1979
would look great in a Disney-themed bedroom
or would be a nice addition to any Disney collection.

Or, since some of the two-sided game pieces are missing, 
use them to make jewelry, magnets, etc.
I'm thinking a cute little charm bracelet.
As always, contact me if you are interested in anything.
I can save you some money if you order
before I get them into my Etsy shop.

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