Frugal container gardening

This post is about really frugal container gardening.
After pulling together what I already had at home,
I spent about $15 total for all the supplies used:

Moss: Free
Pebbles: Free
Potting mix: $1
Activated charcoal: $4
Plants: $4
Containers: $6

That is $15 for 11 new container gardens.

I know this looks like a roofer's nightmare but I found
beauty in the north-facing side of my inlaws' boathouse.

With the help of a long-handled metal hoe
I "harvested" some of the moss and lichen Saturday
and brought it home to make terrariums.

Since it was so dark and rainy yesterday,
a potting station on my back porch was needed.

A thrift store trip provided me with lidded glass containers
and a few more milk glass planters for some repotting
I had already planned on doing soon.

Terrariums are so easy to make
the whole family can join in and add their favorites.

In your clean glass container, layer pebbles,
activated charcoal, potting mix, plants and little tchotchkes.

The charcoal prevents everything from becoming stinky
and can be found at an aquarium or pet store.

Kids especially like adding little critters
or other toys to their finished terrariums.

Plants can go in as randomly as you want.
I picked little bits of moss and lichen I thought
looked nice with the bought plants.

Before closing everything up, water thoroughly.
Check your terrarium every day to see if it needs water.
Dry soil means it does, wet pebbles means it doesn't.

Place your terrarium in a spot with moderate sunlight
and enjoy a little bit of nature indoors all year round!

Look at this bounty in white!
Even my late great aunt's Christmas cacti
looks so much better in coordinating containers.

These two Christmas cacti sat in their original
bright red foil wrappers all winter.
They look so much cuter now.

The hens and chicks are from a senior center plant sale.
I only wish I had bought even more.

I had planned on selling the two matching planters
with embossed leaves marked "FTD 1975."
Find other milk glass planters on Etsy.

Then hens and chicks, with bits of moss and pebbles
from a landscaping project look adorable.

For now, all of my new plantings are adorning our porch,
but I will soon find new places for them --
either in my home or as gifts for family and friends.

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