Library discards

I didn't get the chance last weekend to check out
our local library's bi-annual used book sale.
Doesn't really matter as I have folks who
regularly bring me their own library's discards.

So happy these haven't gone on to other homes,
or, more horribly, into trash or recycling bins.
I enjoy looking through every single one before
eventually listing them in my Etsy shop.

I am continually listing single sewing magazines
as well as lots of multiple issues in Vintage Supplies/How-to.
Many hard-to-find "Australian Smocking and Embroidery"
plus Martha Pullen (of PBS fame) titles are popular
and full of really hand tips and instructions.

If you are over, say 40, this title probably looks familiar.
"Free To Be ...  You and Me" was a favorite in my house.
This songbook is now listed in my Vintage Books section.
My sister found it plus others in her school library's discards.

Coming soon, two nearly complete sets of literary tomes.
From 1952, "The New Junior Classics" from Collier
and from 1962, "Collier's Junior Classics."
I will be selling these books, with great read-aloud
stories and nice illustrations, individually.

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