Concert night

Yesterday, I picked up the 300 programs for tonight's
Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band concert.
I think designing it was the easy part.

I now just have to get groceries
including some pies for intermission,
re-press my son's kilt after letting out the length last week,
gather entertainment for the other boys
(one wants to bring sticks, huh?),
pick up the kids from school
and get down to the venue by 5pm.

There, I hope to get the chance to take more photos
like I did at last year's concert.
We need art for the CD they are soon putting out.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cool--my brother learned to play the bagpipes several years ago. He practices ALL the time!!

Vanessa said...

Scotia-Glenville, as in Scotia NY?
That is where my children attend.
Small world
Vanessa in Upstate NY