Home from Scotland holiday

It's been a quiet few weeks here, I know. Well worth my absence though.

We all went to Scotland for 10 days to see my oldest son's band compete in the World Pipe Band Championships. They did better than any of us could've imagined. After placing first in their qualifying round of 12 bands, they came in 3rd overall in the finals of the Novice Juvenile division. We would've been happy that they got to play in the finals. Doing so well, we were all ecstatic and on cloud nine.

Photos of the proud pipers and drummers are here. The navigation is horribly long, sorry. Click on the "Events" logo then go to the bottom of the next page to "World Pipe Band Championships" then "2007" then "World Championships Glasgow" then "Novice Juvenile" then "Band 4." Phew!

I have also started my own Flickr page and am working on getting the 1,200 plus photos I took up on it. A few sets are there already. Enjoy!

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