Flowers in Scotland

From the heather and thistle growing wild to beautifully manicured yards to understated store fronts, I was able to take many floral shots while in Scotland. The plentiful rain sure makes for brightly colored flowers. See more of my vacation photographs on Flickr.


allybea said...

Fabulous photos! Even more surprising is that on a clear day I can see the Wallace monument from my house! LOL! Congrats to your son's band.

Missy said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! How thrilling to visit Scotland and to have placed at the finals too. Congrats to your son.

I am Missy from over on Refashion...I don't have a pattern for the kilts. I analyzed my sons which his Grandpa brought back from Scotland and then made calculations for a larger waist. I did the pinstripe so I would have an easy guide for the first time pleating. Your tartan sounds lovely...our Milne one is rather plain. I'd be happy to pass along some links I've found for kilt construction if you like.