Sweet-smelling baby booties

Ever wonder what to do with
those sweet baby booties
you have saved all these years?
I turned some into lavender sachets
and it was so easy to do.

First, cut a small circle out of any
lightweight white material,
like a sheet, hankie or scrap fabric.

I sewed a basting stitch around the circle,
filled it with a few teaspoons of dried lavender
and then pulled the thread tight to close it up.

If you aren't handy with a needle and thread,
just tie off the top with string or thread
to hold the lavender inside.

Next, I placed the little packet inside the booty
and filled it the rest of the way with fiberfill.
The booty tops were sewn closed by hand
then I added bits of lace, vintage buttons
and, as the finishing touch, a sprig of lavender.

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