Birdie hoop dream

Got some embroidery hoops you don't know what to do with?
Fill them with fabric and you have instant wall art.

I found these four round metal hoops,
as well as four more oval ones I haven't finished yet,
at the New Year's Day thrift sale we went to.

Wanting to use more of the bird fabric I have amassed,
I knew this was the perfect project (there are 8 panels total).

The only embellishment is colorful rick rack trim
glued around the outside of the metal hoops.
I didn't even add hooks to the back
knowing they can just hang on nails.

To make the backs neater, I motified these instructions slightly
and then wrote down what kinds of birds they are.

Stay tuned for the remaining four birdies
and share with me the art you have hung in hoops.

1 comment:

TLC Inspirations said...

Wow, that's a pretty great idea, my dear! I'm not sure I have fancy enough fabric for that or even hoops, but if I come across some in a clearance bin, I'm all over it! I have a bare wall in my rec room...and I'm out of family pictures, lol. And out of frames :/